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This website has some great tips on where to find books for awesome deals and how to set up your library. The past two years, I’ve organized my book bins using little circular dots that come in different colors.

I would place a colored dot on a label, and then place the same colored dot on all of the books that go in that bin. Seuss label, I would also place a red dot on all of my Dr. This helped my students (and me) stay very organized!

Hypnopaedia teached Lenina - but not only Lenina - the sentences she had to know, so that she wouldn't have to think about the World State.

Still what will make her resemble a real human being are feelings like suffering when John doesn't want to see her, or even the wish to be left alone. (...) It is not enough that the formulas are good; what is done must also be good.» Helmholtz, a lecturer in a Department of Writing can here be compared to some kind of Huxley's alter ego in the New World, a writer missing something to write about.

Although promiscuity is faced as a virtue in the New World - or precisely because of that -, Lenina's behaviors which approximate her from monogamy seem more interesting and defying to discuss considering her New World context than the Old World's polemics around the many Alpha males she was sexually involved with.

It's ironic to notice how Lenina approaches some kind of proto-humanity (she has been breaking some New World's love codes - if we can call love, in a broad sense, to sexual intercourse - before that, like when she was dating exclusively Henry Foster for "too many months" according to the New World's patterns, i.e., four...), and the slightly human traces of Lenina are acquired when in contact with and attracted to a reserved "old-fashioned" character named John the Savage, an outcast (both in the Reservation and the New World) viviparous who is the only civilized person around and the true hero of Huxley, a representative of the Old Man who admires Shakespeare's works just like Huxley did and demands to live according to their humanity, dramatically and joyfully feeling it all.

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«- (...) Whoever it was, he/she was happy while living. - Yes, nowadays everyone is happy said Lenina, like an echo.

They had listened those same words repeated one hundred and fifty times every night, for twelve years in a row».

God (Quran) says the dearest human to him is one who forgives, and Prophet practiced it by praying for those who cursed him.

He could have smashed those miscreants in Taif, but he chose to pray.

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