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The LA conference, which was as equally menacing as it was surreal, saw both men introduced to the stage before they each addressed thousands of fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The pair then faced off, with Dana White and Floyd Snr both on hand to prevent things from overheating when both Mayweather and Mc Gregor began animatedly shouting in each other’s faces.

according to new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

Jackson put the proposal on display in new legal papers filed in her nuclear war with her ex-fiancee ... Your not slick."-- "I got nasty videos too that I can put on Instagram and twitter"-- "I took you from rags to riches now you back to rags bitch.

And for a two month stretch last summer, Chevon (Chevy) Troutman — a former star at the University of Pittsburgh who played professionally in Europe for 10 years — came pretty regularly.

Now, I’ve known Chevy since we both played in the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League when we were both in college.

Tax documents obtained by the Daily Mail show that Mayweather’s company, Mayweather Promotions LLC, has sent Larry Flint’s Hustler Club a 1099 IRS form for more than ,000 he spent on strippers on May 25, 2014.There’s a regular Thursday night pick-up game I’ve been a part of for over a decade now.The regulars range from 25 to 60; most are former college athletes who relish those Thursdays as a rare opportunity to keep that competitive fire going. Anyone can play — although if you call too many fouls or play too little d or take too many ill-advised shots, you might not get invited back — so you never know who might decide to show up.Sure you’ll watch, but you just want them both to lose somehow and never be seen in your home again. (Although that’s very, very stupid too.) But that this fight is even happening. Regardless of how you feel about Floyd Mayweather’s solid fuckboy bonafides, it’s without question that he’s one of the best boxers ever. But that merely downgrades him from “.” Conor Mc Gregor is an MMA fighter who boxed some several years ago. It’s not even Mc Gregor bringing a knife to a gunfight. And in order to explain how doomed Mc Gregor’s race-baiting ass is going to be, I need to tell you a quick story.And you’ll feel all itchy and crawly and shit for the rest of the night. As many of you already know, I “played” division one college basketball.

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