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I'll definitely have to award extra points for random boobs!! haha3) Here is something that I don't understand... But don't bash it when someone else uses it and then turn around and use it yourself. I gotta pee and I want the easy money to donate to charity! I don't mind it at all if you say a simple "Hi, how are you".The game was for me to GUESS which one of the pictures was HER boobs…. We just have to figure out what my prize will be if I guess it right : P----------- OK, enough silliness.Sadly it ended here and I never found out what happen IF I guess correctly or if I DIDN’T guess correctly because either she deleted her profile or she got kicked off pof. Now back to my real profile, enjoy -----------Most of us grew up watching, reading and believing in fairy tales.

From time to time, I like to stay home and just relax.That is why we are here, we spend countless dollars on drinks as research development so you don’t have to, finding you the best places in the city, with the hottest girls.More daytime activities Perennial favorites like go-karts, paintball, jet boating, and whitewater rafting are always options, there have been a few new activities that have become popular with bachelor parties. Not at all, what you should care is that the city is wasting as much money as possible to make it care and the only people it will advantage of you More tourists, aka girls More daytime activities New Clubs Like every year, in the new out with the old. Should you actually care that it’s the 375 anniversary of Montreal?

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