Tomtom quickfix not updating

I gave the latter to a friend (after factory resetting it).

Both he and I have been unable to update quickgps data for our watches via the latest pc version of mysports connect.

First time it said found update but did not let me install them.

But 8th time it found the update and manage to install most the update which took forever.

The GPS worked happily from then until mid-March 2014.

The issue is that although the My Sports Connect says my watch is up-to-date when it's plugged in, when I unplug it and check the Quick GPS, I have the computer screen with the arrow icon: the GPS never finds my location.

I had also read that some Tom Tom models can't even use the "ephemeris" data... using it), but I don't ever recall my GO 720 taking more than about 30 seconds to "lock on" to a sufficient number of satellites once I get out of our underground parking garage. My wife has a Tom Tom that doesn't get sync'd very often and it sometimes take a minute and a half or longer to lock onto a signal.

It certainly seems faster than the time it takes for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone to "lock on" when I activate its internal GPS. My Tom Tom on the other hand gets sync'd daily and it usually takes less than 30 seconds for mine to lock on a signal. Has anybody found that Quick GPS Fix actually results in faster acquisition of satellites?

I click update it says its updating but it just gets stuck there.

My watch loses its quickfix gps every two to three days.

And then it doesn't want to get a quickfix gps again when I charge it.

We have, however, found a work around by pairing our watches to our phones.

That's a pain though, so thought I'd raise the issue here to see if tomtom can resolve the issue.

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