Who is ashley olsen dating now

The episode was titled “Crush,” and Page even serenaded his number one fan with a song titled “Stephanie.” In an interview posted by star Candace Cameron Bure reflected on working with the teen idol back in the day.“We were really excited, but I think most of the adults were making fun of us for getting so excited over Tommy Page,” Bure said.“I dated an Olsen twin because I was in love with an Olsen twin,” he told New York magazine when promoting his directorial debut in 2011.Ashley Olsen and twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen--once known as the Olsen twins--are both dating much older men.On insider adds that the relationship between the pair "is pretty new." (Reps for Ashley did not return E!News' request for comment.)We don't know a ton about David.

Her long, honey blonde hair was worn half-up, half-down in loose waves, and featured random braids throughout.

She also appeared to have been wearing a braided hair piece with coin pendants.

Meanwhile, Ashley opted for a similarly styled ensemble, wearing a long lace gown of her own.

Might this be one of those 'twin' things like knowing when the other one is in pain or sad?

Ashley Olsen's boyfriend is director Bennett Miller.

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